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We are a women-founded and minority-held business. Our team members have a deep knowledge of the communication field and have collaborated on or executed countless creative advertising and messaging campaigns to reach specific and general audiences for more than 20 years.



A beautiful bunch of skilled people

Our team

Our combined experience includes diverse campaigns for nonprofits, public institutions, and commercial clients. Our staff has led local and national campaigns for nonprofits and businesses in Texas in various fields (social causes, journalism, education, philanthropy and community engagement), as well as in Mexico, (for US businesses trying to reach the Latin market, and for B to B clients working in the health, food and nutrition market in Latin America).

Anjanette Gautier

Founder and CEO

Anjanette is a bilingual/bicultural communications professional with over 20 years of experience in communications, public relations, marketing, event planning, and community building.

As a half Mexican-half German who spent her early childhood in Venezuela, grew up in the south of México and emigrated to the U.S. Midwest as a teenager, she has first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that come with bridging international cultural contexts. 

Her career started in the educational field, working as a trainer and facilitator in multiculturalism and leadership development, and continued with international education. She has worked as a recruiter, radio personality, newspaper reporter, producer, actress, and consultant.

She has led projects with grassroots and nonprofit organizations, corporations, the media, and government agencies to achieve consensus and deliver high-quality outreach programs. While helping businesses develop effective public relations and marketing strategies for a multicultural market, her primary focus is on actively listening to the client every step of the way in order to effectively communicate their message.

Anjanette has a B.S. in Communications from Central College, Iowa, and an M.S. in Education from Colorado State University.

Fernanda Zamora

Project Manager and Accounts Executive

Fernanda ensures consistent, effective, and timely project implementation in collaboration with our professional team and business partners. She has a knack for identifying opportunities for improvement to ensure better results. She has a passion for helping clients by finding creative solutions and forging long-lasting relationships. With a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and International Business and extensive experience in administration, human resources, and IT, Fernanda has worked in bilingual and bi-cultural environments throughout her career. She loves cooking, practicing yoga, reading, and her dogs.

Ursel Erosa

Web and Advertising Lead

Ursel is a curious and self-taught customer-oriented professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. She oversees the design process of a website and supervises other team members to deliver the web product that our client envisions and fits their needs. As our advertising expert, Ursel builds campaigns from the ground up, measuring and optimizing their performance. Ursel's greatest strengths are how she solves problems with creativity, abstract & outside-the-box thinking, leadership, and teamwork. She is analytical and practical and likes to drive creative solutions for any of the processes or projects in which she works. She wants to learn and try new stuff, especially when it's challenging or involves helping others. She enjoys woodworking in her spare time.

Ana Lety Rosado

Content and Social Media Lead

As the content and social media lead, Ana Lety sets the direction for and works cross functionally with our graphic designers, copy writers, and community managers to ensure all projects are up to date and the deliverables are successful. She was in high school when she fell in love with the idea of creating functional solutions and achieving tangible results for her clients. She studied Marketing and International Business, and completed a Masters in Administration and Organizational Development. She loves to solve problems and cherishes challenges, her strength is in finding ways to say yes to get things done, and looking for new and creative solutions. Ana Lety relaxes and finds inspiration in nature, and gets recharged by swimming, dancing, and having a bit of lemon sorbet and chocolate chip cookies. Her favorite pets are quiet, green and leafy (her plants).

Manuel Rosado

Graphic Designer

Manuel plans, develops, and implements graphic content to support our client´s and Inspirare’s overall brand strategies. He enjoys being able to use his imagination, creativity and ability to understand our client’s mission while designing captivating images. He seeks client feedback and responds with accuracy and empathy, developing clearly articulated value propositions. Manuel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Publicity, and is also a music composer and plays guitar and bass guitar in a band.

Susanna McKibben

Translator, content writer, and copy editor

Susanna has worn many hats in her professional career but her current occupations, freelance translator/writer and mother of two young children, are her favorites. Susanna graduated from DePaul University with a degree in International Studies and Spanish, and has had a passion for all things multicultural and multilingual ever since. Among other things, Susanna has led educational immersion trips on the US-Mexico border, worked as a medical interpreter in UNC Hospital, led a weekly bilingual children’s storytime at the Merida English Library, and translated websites, blogs, and everything in between for a wide range of clients in the U.S. and Mexico. She brings her passion for cross-cultural communication and understanding to every project she works on, and hopes to do her part to make the world a better place for her kids’ generation.

Erik Erosa

Web designer and tech consultant

Erik helps bring to life the website that the customer needs. He is a Software Engineer that loves web design and has a passion for art and illustration. Erik believes that knowing a bit of everything allows you to pull from different disciplines to find a path to the goal. Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to finding solutions. He has been working with international clients on bilingual projects for more than 10 years. He deems himself a professional jack of all trades and learns new stuff for fun.

Madeline Beath

Social Media and Community Manager

Madeline grew up in Tennessee and has always had a passion for people. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Spanish and a Master’s in Social Work with an organizational leadership focus. After moving to Merida, Mexico at the ripe age of twenty-one, Madeline has worked in many capacities—most notably in education as a teacher and coordinator, Spanish to English translator, and a freelance community projects developer and facilitator. Madeline’s life work is to uplift the two Souths to which she belongs by celebrating Southern communities, stories, languages, and people.